Who - What - How

My goal is to create and maintain well-designed and usable web sites and applications for business, organizations, and individuals.

How I solve problems

1 Understand

It is important to first understand the task at hand. What are the goals? Who is your audience, and what is the best way to communicate with them? By taking the time to diagnose what drives your audience’s needs, perceptions and behaviors, I reveal what drive brands forward.

2 Strategize

I take into account your ideal customer, where you want to position yourself in the marketplace, I highlight your company's culture, personality, customer, voice, and impact to develop a stratefy. I help clients understand who they are and who they want to become.

A brand goes beyond a visual identity. It becomes the experience you have with a company, and why you come back or recommend it to someone else. I make sure the projects I develop communicate.

The design, less is more and simplicity is vital. Many fall into the trap of just making things look pretty. I have a founding principle that great development solves problems. I create digital products remembering always I am solving a defined problem.

4 Execute and adapt

3 Design

App Development



Web Development
Content Management Systems
Software Development

Website Maintenance


Video / Animation

Projects for web and non-web production.

SEO, SEM, Marketing

Web Design
Print Design
App Design
Brand Identity

Run your company, leave the website to me.

Customer Acquisition & Retention
Paid Advertising
Social Strategy